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2006 Swap Schedule
All swaps on this list are subject to change without prior warning.
The start and end dates may be changed to suit the schedules of the coordinator(s).

Experienced swappers are welcome to volunteer to run or assist running swaps as needed. Please get in touch with Julie if you are interested in running or assisting with a swap.

January 1 – December 21 ~ Square A Month Swap ~ coordinated by CatsCradleCreations
sign-up closed

January 1 – February 15th ~ Winter Wool Yarn Swap ~ coordinated by rebeccav
must be 100% wool
sign-up closed

January 1 – February 15th ~ Hats ~ coordinated by Julie & donnalynn2
sign-up closed

February 1 – March 15th ~ Spring Purses/Totes ~ coordinated by craftimama
sign-up closed

March 1- April 30th ~ Flower Frenzy ~ coordinated by CatsCradleCreations
sign-up closed

March 15th – April 30th ~ Stole Swap ~ coordinated by antara
limited to 40 members
sign-up closed

April 1 – May 15th ~ Spring Whites Yarn Swap ~ coordinated by rebeccav
any yarn, must be white

April 1 – May 15th ~ Summer Scarves ~ coordinated by Julie
sign-up closed

April 15th – May 30th ~ Small Toys ~ coordinated by Lene
sign-ups open

May 1 – June 15th ~ Kitchens/Bathrooms ~ coordinated by xantha

June 1 – July 15th ~ Bookmarks ~ coordinated by donnalynn2

June 1 – December 21st ~ 12 inch Squares ~ coordinated by CatsCradleCreations and Lynn

June 15th – July 31st ~ Pillows ~ coordinated by Tiffany

July 1 – August 15th ~ Summer Cotton Yarn Swap ~ coordinated by rebeccav
cotton and cotton blends

July 1 – August 15th ~ Doilies ~ coordinated by Julie & dixieredhead

August 1 –
September 15th ~ Socks/Slippers ~ coordinated by xantha

August 15th – September 30th ~ Fall Purses/Totes ~ coordinated by craftimama

September 1 – October
15th ~ Winter Scarves ~ coordinated by Julie

September 15th – October 31st ~ Halloween Swap ~ coordinated by Lene

October 1 – November 15th ~ Fall Yarn Swap ~ coordinated by rebeccav
chunky to super bulky weights yarn, any color

October 15th – November 25 ~ Ornament Exchange ~ coordinated by CatsCradleCreations

November 1- December 15th ~ Holiday Gift Exchange ~ coordinated by antara

If there is a swap on this list that you would like to run, or to suggest a new swap, please send Julie a PM or email her at julie[at] We may not be able to fit all of them in but will do our best.

Swaps Currently Underway

  • Square-A-Month Granny Swap ~ January, February complete; March squares should be in the mail; April and May squares in works; ends December 21
  • Spring Purse/Tote Swap ~ Running on schedule, alternates in the wings just in case; ended March 15; a few packages still in transit
  • Single Crochet Secret Pals ~ e-Cards, e-Mails, and packages being exchanged; in reveal month
  • Floral Frenzy ~ Started Mar 1, runs through April 30th; groups assigned and preferences distributed; a couple of swaps completed
  • Double Crochet Secret Pals ~ Started Mar 1, runs through May 1; e-Cards, e-Mails, and packages being exchanged
  • Stole Swap ~ started Mar 15, runs through April 30th; stoles and shawls still in the works and in transit

Upcoming Swaps

  • Spring Whites Yarn Swap ~ begins Apr 1; watch for sign-ups to open soon!
  • Small Toys ~ swap begins Apr 15; sign-ups now open!
  • Kitchens/Bathrooms ~ dishcloths, bath poufs, soap savers, towels; swap begins May 1

A Word About RAOK

First and foremost, RAOK stands for 'Random Act of Kindness.' This does not mean that you should expect something when you post a wish list in the RAOK forum at Crochetville. The RAOK forum is designed for members to shed some happiness on others by giving. RAOK is all about giving, not receiving. Yes, we all like to receive goodies from others, but it's also a big pick-me-up to give to someone and make their day a little brighter.

Thank yous are a big part of RAOK. When someone takes the time to send some kindness your way, please be sure to post a thank you to the RAOK Thank-You thread. Also, as a reminder of the rules, be sure not to mention your Fairy's name when thanking them on the board. They know who they are and their act of kindness was random. Besides, when you mention your Fairy's name, you create more work for the lovely volunteers who moderate the forum, and that can make them cranky. They both have young children and can't spend 24 hours a day fixing posts that are not in accordance with the rules.

Speaking of the RAOK rules, there is a sign-up form now for RAOK. When you post your wishlist, please fill this form out completely so that when a potential Fairy asks for your information, the forum moderators have the information and can access it quickly.

Another issue is patience. As stated before, the moderators do have other responsibilities outside of the RAOK forum. They are both co-coordinators for Secret Pals and both coordinate other swaps. This is in addition to the young children they care for outside of their online life. Please be patient with the RAOK moderators when you ask for information. They will get back to you as soon as they possibly can–sometimes there are illnesses that keep them from the computer for a few days–so please send only one PM or e-mail. Also, please only send a request to the moderator listed for the group your Receiver is in. She will get back to you, and it only causes stress and irritation to contact both of moderators for the same address.

Thanks for participating in RAOK and continuing to make the moderators' jobs easier.

    • Did you know that you have to have at least 40 posts at Crochetville to sign up for swaps or RAOK?
    • Did you know that when there are specific guidelines for swaps, you must meet ALL of them to participate in that swap? This includes Secret Pals.
    • Did you know that if you sign up for too many swaps, you're more likely to lose track of deadlines and end up in the Hall of Shame?
    • Did you know that if you read the RAOK rules you'll find the web address to enter your mailing address and contact info?
    • Did you know that you must respect copyrights when sending RAOK gifts?
    • Did you know that swap criteria are posted at the beginning of each swap and can easily be accessed during the swap by returning the first post for that swap thread?
  • Did You Know?