A Patricia Kristoffersen Trio Tuesday, Apr 4 2006 

In this review three of Patricia Kristoffersen doily pattern books will be explored:

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Her designs lure you in with their beauty and detail…Here's a secret: they only appear difficult to make! If you can work a front or back posted stitch, work in front or back loops only, then you can make one of these cleverly designed doilies!



Book Review: Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet : The Happy Hooker Wednesday, Mar 1 2006 

Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet : The Happy Hooker

By Debbie Stoller


A Book Review.. By Elizabeth Jacobsen

I think we should get the boring technical details out of the way. This book is 292 pages of pure fun! It’s a nice size to tuck into your project bag and comes in soft cover and hard cover form. Well there is rumor of the hard cover, I have personally never seen it but, of course that doesn’t mean it’s not real, right ? I had been envious of the knitters until now. This book takes a practical and fun approach to the basics and a little beyond. Of course, not every technique is covered and honestly, I don’t see how she could have covered every thing. In my opinion, if you want something to teach you every thing, you might try to find a few good reference books. If you want something fun, keeping you interested, this is the book for you . It contains 40 fresh patterns, a brief history of crochet, and “instructions so clear any one can learn to crochet-even a knitter!” (more…)

Book Review: So Simple Crochet Tuesday, Feb 28 2006 

So Simple Crochet by Melody Griffiths
2006, Creative Homeowner Publications


Book Review: Crochet with Wire Tuesday, Feb 28 2006 

Crochet with Wire by Nancie M. Wiseman
2005, Interweave Press