Welcome to ‘Round the ‘Ville, a new monthly newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date on your favorite message board for all things crochet, Crochetville.

We hope to include such exciting monthly features as:

  • Villager Spotlight….a Q & A with one of our members – this could be you next month!
  • Village Swappers….everything you want to know about current and future swaps!
  • Pattern of the Month….every month we will feature an original pattern submitted by a Villager
  • Stitch of the Month….step-by-step tutorials on a different stitch every month!
  • Crochet in the news….Keep up with the latest websites and news stories related to crochet here!
  • C’ville Stats….Are you a number cruncher? Ever wanted to know how many posts are made each day? Check in on Crochetville’s statistics here.
  • Kari’s Tips for Newbies… You may be new to the board and dying for hints to make your village visit less confusing?
  • Crochet fun….a little bit of fun and trivia
  • Yarn Reviews….dying to try a new yarn but want a review from a fellow Villager first?
  • Book Reviews….Before you spend the $$, are the patterns too difficult? too simple? just plain ugly?? Find out here!

Now, how do you get to all of these wonderful areas? If you look in the sidebar, you will notice a section for Pages and a section for Categories. Both areas will provide you with direct links to your favorite sections listed above.

If you have any questions about the site, please send them to roundtheville@gmail.com and one of us will get back to you when we are able. Enjoy!