A Patricia Kristoffersen Trio Tuesday, Apr 4 2006 

In this review three of Patricia Kristoffersen doily pattern books will be explored:

Click on the images to see the designs within!

Her designs lure you in with their beauty and detail…Here's a secret: they only appear difficult to make! If you can work a front or back posted stitch, work in front or back loops only, then you can make one of these cleverly designed doilies!



The Knotty Stitches Saturday, Apr 1 2006 


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Lover's Knot, Solomon's Knot, or Some Call it Hail Stone

Fear not the knots, because once you know which loop to yarn over into the rest is doing a single crochet!

The tricky part of this stitch is twofold. First, knowing what loop to work the single crochet into. When instructions say "back loop" they mean what the arrow is pointing to in the above photo. The second aspect of this stitch that takes some practice is making consistently sized loops. If you are making a wearable that uses this stitch you'll want to make sure you make the required loop size to maintain stitch gauge. (Stitch gauge is a four-letter word!)

thumbnailknotOnce you are in the loop (pun intended) then go ahead and work a single crochet. Voilà! The knot is completed!

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Often you'll be instructed to make double knots and single knots in the same pattern. To make a double knot, just repeat what you did for the first knot.

Go Knots!

The knot stitch is often used to create a lace effect. Shawls and shrugs and sometimes doilies feature this stitch. If you are ready to go knots, try these free patterns:

I'm Still in Knots

If you would like more resources to help you further perfect your knots, just click these links for additional tutorials.

What Stitch Is Next?

I haven't decided on next month's stitch and I'd like your input. What stitch would you like to see featured? E-mail me with your stitch suggestion.

Villager Spotlight on Member Katchan Saturday, Apr 1 2006 

Kathy viewing new posts at Crochetville

Meet Kathy White a.k.a. Katchkan!
Crochetville member since 2005

Brief Bio: Kathy is 51 years young and was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. She met her husband, Marv, during her senior year in high school and eloped with him that spring. That was 33 years ago! Together they have raised two girls, and are the proud grandparents of 3 grandkids.

This interview is done in two parts. The first covers my visitation with Kathy at her house. The second part is a question and answer interview.

Part One: My Afternoon with Kathy

I had the good fortune of meeting Kathy back in November 2005 as we live relatively close (about a 2½hour drive) for lunch. She enchanted me with her Irish crochet pieces and told me the secrets of how to make my own lace pieces. Any member of C'Ville who has been around long enough has become familiar with Kathy's original designs ranging from Irish crochet lace pieces to her recent birthstone themed doilies.

My interview with Kathy was an amazing six hours of not only seeing her exquisite masterpieces but also included time travel!


Swapping at the ‘Ville Saturday, Apr 1 2006 

There are many opportunies for a Crochetville Villager to make new friends or learn more about "old" friends. I'm going to focus on one: swapping.