In this review three of Patricia Kristoffersen doily pattern books will be explored:

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Her designs lure you in with their beauty and detail…Here's a secret: they only appear difficult to make! If you can work a front or back posted stitch, work in front or back loops only, then you can make one of these cleverly designed doilies!

Often the specialty stitches occur in just a handful or fewer rounds in the doily, usually at the beginning. The majority of the rounds are just like any other doily pattern. The front and back covers provide excellent graphics to help understand the stitches. Each pattern has a detailed explanation of the special stitches used. The photographs of the doilies are clear and give good detail for reference.

Doilies With A Twist

Listed as Patricia's newest book, Doilies With a Twist features six doily designs that utilize the spiral. She provides instructions on how to make a spiral. It consists of making a long chain, then starting on the 4th chain from the hook, 3 sc's in each chain to the end. The secret to happy spiral making is to loosely chain and then loosely work the sc's.

I typically buy a pattern book because of one pattern inside that I MUST have, with the rest being ones that are OK. I happened upon this book by chance, and fell in love with every design. I have since made all but one of the patterns from this book. I've made Ruby twice because it is so dazzling!

The six designs are:

This book of patterns requires an intermediate to advanced skill level. A beginner may find some of the special stitches too overwhelming. These doilies also need to be blocked in order to give the spirals their best shape and to bring out the full detail of the raised and special stitches.

The measurements range from 11½—16 inches. The average yardage is about 450 yards.

Ultimate Doilies

This pattern book contains 8 designs that are full of texture and stunning elegance! Fundamental Grace, Momentous Occasion, Notable Difference, Innovative Idea, Ultra Beauty, Visionary Sense, Supreme Image, and Elemental Achievement, are the names of the doilies contained in this book. The measurements range from 14½—19 inches in diameter. Many of the patterns list 300+ yards of thread to complete the doily.

The patterns in this book require an intermediate to expert skill level. If you are interesting in hone your skills and increasing your experience level, this book will provide an adequate challenge but without {hopefully} frustration.

Coffee 'N' Cream Doilies

Unfortunately, this book is listed as being out of print, but copies of it can be cheaply and easily acquired through eBay. If you are new to Patricia Kristoffersen designs, this would be an excellent first book to test her creative use of crochet stitches. The seven designs in this book are Espresso, Hazlenut, Café Latte, French Vanilla, Viennese, Mocha, Café Au Lait, Cappuccino, and Amaretto. The doilies measure from 12½—18½ inches. The average thread yardage is around 300 yards.

Want to Share Your Pictures?

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