I remember the first time that I visited Crochetville. At first I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy being a part of a community that just discussed crochet. I was new to crochet and I wasn’t sure if I belonged where everyone seemed more experienced in the craft than I would ever be. The most terrifying aspect of it was that most of them had something called a “blog” and used terms like “frog”, “WIP”, and “LYS”. I was sure that I’d entered an alternate dimension of reality.

I have lost count of the number of hours that I have logged on Crochetville. I would never have thought two years ago that I would complete anything other than the basics, that my yarn stash would take over every free storage space in my home, or that I would ever feel comfortable designing my own patterns. Without Crochetville, I would not enjoy my craft as much as I do. I hope that all of you find as much joy in our little village because you are what make it a village– a community– and not just another message board.

On February 16, 2006, Crochetville celebrated its second birthday. In that time, we’ve jumped to 4,748 members, and have had 301,299 posts. Both of those numbers will have grown by the time that you read this message. It is because of the almost 5,000 members that Julie, Donna, and I keep working to make Crochetville even better for our members. I believe that Crochetville has made its mark as the message board for all things crochet.

To celebrate our first issue of ‘Round the ‘Ville, we want you to enjoy a special original pattern submitted by one of our members. Kathy’s (Katchkan) Tissue Tote is an elegant cover for your travel-sized tissue packets. Crochet away!

Tissue Tote (PDF file)