Meet Faith a.k.a. Faithpa76!
Crochetville member since September 2004

Brief Bio: Faith lives with her husband, four children, and two furbabies in Rhode Island. Faith is pictured with her grandmother. Faith studied music education as a flute major at college, where she met her husband. She left after completing her sophomore year when she married.

Faith was selected at random to be interviewed from the top 10 members with the most posts. Currently, Faith has 6,424 posts to the board. She also is currently serving as the Single Crochet Secret Pal Swap co-coodinator. The question begs to be asked: Where does she find the time to crochet?

Faith learned how to crochet from her grandmother at age 12, but the only thing that stuck with her was how to hold the hook and yarn. She taught herself the rest when she was looking for a hobby to pick up when her youngest child was a year old. As she describes it, she discovered crochet and Crochetville about at the same time.

When she isn’t crocheting, Faith enjoys cooking and recipe collecting, reading books, and participating in scouting. Some of her favorite things include: a good conversation, being able to sit in companionable silence with someone, curling up with the kids or hubby, being loved and loving, good music, and reading a book in front of a fire.

If Faith had only one thing available to her to eat for the rest of her life, she would either subsist on homemade tacos and yellow rice, or the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday. “Or maybe a good burger, since they are so versatile and I could have any number of toppings on them. I would get bored eating the same thing for too long – I’m a creature of habit in many ways, but not so much with food :)” (Authoer’s note: She is a kindred spirit for I also think burgers are the bestest food there is!)

Faith is a consumate tea drinker, with her favorites being Lady Earl Grey, Adagio chestut tea or Simpson & Vail decaf almond tea. During the summer she likes to mix plain decaf with any number of herbal teas for icing.

If she could live in any historical time period, Faith says, “I’ve always wondered why I wasn’t born about 100 years earlier than I was (Civil War period), but I am also incredibly intrigued by the industrial revolution.”

Crochet Facts & Trivia About Faith

How many hours a day do you spend crocheting?
Anywhere from an hour on up; depends on what life (or one of my kids lol) throws in my way. 🙂 I think a safe average is 2-4 hours; my max is about 6.

How many hours a day do you spent at Crochetville?
I don’t know. I stop by often to skim through everything—probably every hour or two—but really only spend a block of time there first thing in the morning (usually around 20-30 minutes), unless I have something specific to do.

What do you most like to crochet?
There’s the immense satisfaction of finishing something big (like a blanket) that I love, but I also really enjoy smaller projects (dishcloths) because of the instant gratification. The perfect project for me right now is probably a pieced blanket, because I get the best of both worlds. My second favorite at the moment is doilies.

What aspect of crochet do you find most difficult or challenging?
Originally I had the worst time with reading patterns, and then one day it just clicked – like learning a new language—it was like all of a sudden picking up a book in French and realizing I could understand it. I do still tend to prefer a picture with any given pattern, just for reference.

Anymore—hmmm. With crocheting, I usually take something new and work at it until it’s comfortable for me—so it depends on where in that cycle I am. Since I am still relatively new to crocheting, quite a few things are still a challenge—for instance, a bullion or a spiral is still going to have me pulling my hair out. I’m not in a big rush to get there though—I like getting all the steps in between down solid, which takes time, and lots and lots of practice.

How many UFOs do you have and what are your plans to do with them?
Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 (isn’t that crazy for someone who’s only been crocheting for a year and a half?). I’m in the process of getting rid of them, either frogging or finishing, and have already taken care of 5 or so the last couple months.

If you could have anything in the way of yarn or crochet supplies, what would you want?
Supplies—it really isn’t a supply, but I would love a good storage system or designated craft area. I’d also love to complete my set of wood hooks. Yarn—any natural fibers. I’ve been sticking with acrylics so that I could get really comfortable crocheting before messing with the “good” stuff. I’d especially like some natural wool or cotton so I can try my hand at dyeing.

Describe a little bit about where you crochet and what rituals you might have surrounding it.
Before I start, I always remove my rings (I get both yarn and thread stuck on the prongs of my engagement ring, so off them come), and then wash and thoroughly dry my hands. I usually crochet on the couch in my living room, or at my computer while I chat. It’s my favorite room – the fireplace is here, there’s no tv, but I can put music on, or talk with dh or one of the kids at the same time.

Faith’s crochet dream project
I have two … the first to make a gigantic ripple blanket out of varying skeins of blue and green homespun for our bed, and the second would be to decorate a dollhouse for my dd – I’ve discovered I love making miniature versions of things out of thread. Not sure how practical either project is, since the former is a rather time consuming undertaking, and the latter requires a wood dollhouse and nice (non plastic) furniture, which is neither cheap nor easy to find anymore.

Crochetville & Faith

What do you like about being the Secret Pal co-coordinator?
I love seeing all the little “things” about everyone, and I’m looking forward to watching the interaction between the known and the unknown when *I* know everything. This is my first round from the coordinating end so who knows, that answer could change over the next couple of months.

What other swaps have you hosted or particiapted in?
I’ve hosted the tea & coffee swap (hoping to get another one going soon!). Participating – I’ve been in a couple of yarn swaps, scarf swap, kitchen & bath swap, Christmas ornament swap, the dishcloth swap, blue squares too, autumn secret pals, and the original tea swap.

Out of all of the swaps and interactive things to do at C’Ville, which do you like participating in the most and why?
I really have enjoyed the swaps, especially the tea swaps (it’s fun to do something non-crochet with my crochet friends) and secret pals – it is always a great pleasure to get to know someone new, to spoil them without them knowing who you are. I think the most fun in any swap is getting to know the person (or people) you’re partnered with and sending them something you know they will really enjoy.

What sections do you always read on C’Ville?
I skim through them all. If you twist my arm to pick something, I’d probably say all the show and tell stuff – seeing the things everyone makes is inspirational. I also enjoy seeing all the crochet hooks and gadgets, so that one as well.

What can you share with the readers about the C’Ville cookbook project?
That it is indeed a work in progress! Progress slowed to a halt around the holidays but we’re picking up speed again and plan to have some information forthcoming in the next couple of weeks – my personal goal is to be taking recipes the beginning of March. We are, in many respects, starting from scratch as opposed to what was started last summer, so hang in there with us as we gear up to really get this project in motion.

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