…but were too scared to ask.

Were you ever curious as to just how busy Crochetville really is? When we moved from the old ezBoard site to the crochetville.org domain on March 18, 2005, Crochetville was home to 778 members. Since then, we’ve been mentioned in at least two national magazines and word of mouth from our wonderful Villagers has helped increase our membership totals to over 4,800 members. Over 4,000 members have joined in just under a year! I think we all can see that crochet and Crochetville are very popular right now, and a big reason for that in my opinion is all of our wonderful members. That means YOU! Thanks!

I thought I’d share some statistics on what a normal day here at Crochetville looks like behind the scenes.

~ The most replied to thread is the 63 Squares Crochetalong thread.
~ The most viewed thread is the Fluffy Pink Shrug Schematics thread.
~ The most popular forum is Introduce Yourself.

Registration totals by month:
March 2005 – 476
April 2005 – 279
May 2005 – 281
June 2005 – 255
July 2005 – 352
August 2005 – 315
September 2005 – 392
October 2005 – 365
November 2005 – 367
December 2005 – 349
January 2006 – 900
February 2006 – 496

Currently we are averaging 600 to 700 registered members online each and every day. In March of 2005 we averaged 200 to 300 members, every day. Our members are posting 60 to 70 new threads every day! That’s new threads folks! And you wondered why you can’t keep up with your laundry. Well, maybe that was just me but there was definitely some wondering going on. And we absolutely LOVE to talk about crochet. For the month of February 2006, we averaged 885 posts every day. The high post day was February 1st with 1232, and the “gosh it’s quiet here today” day was February 18th with 561 posts.

Top 10 ‘posters’ (members with the most posts)
1. Julie
2. faithpa76
3. rebeccav
4. yarncat
5. Tiffany
6. Donna
7. threeolivemartini
8. diamond
9. chiscrochetcrazy
10. kariholtz

    Did you know? You can see the current post count for the entire board by clicking on the Members List link on the board, then click on the “Posts” link at the top of the list. It will reorder the list and show you the Top 10 and on and on and on.

    Did you know? If you get a new email account you do not need to get a new member account at Crochetville. Simply log in to your account, select the User CP link on the upper left of the board and choose ‘Edit Email & Password’ from your Control Panel. Be sure to click on the activation link that will come to your new email address and you’re all set!