Hello and welcome to the first edition of Newbie Tips From the ‘Ville!

I hope you all may find at least one tip of use. What I hope to do is offer a glimpse into how the board works so that newbies (and some not so newbies) might not feel so lost.

Please feel free to email me at newbietipsfromtheville@gmail.com if you have any questions or tips you would like to suggest.

Remember though that I am not able to take suggestions on how you would like the board to be, just tips on how to use the board with ease. Because, you know, we were all newbies once and it can be confusing as all get out trying to figure out a new board.

So here we go:

You can find all the new posts each time you log in by clicking the NEW POSTS link on the top tool bar.

It’s true! (click to enlarge picture)

A little tip I use is to right click on the post I wish to open and choose “Open link in a new window” That way I don’t lose my place on the list, cuz, well, I get interrupted a lot of the mornings while reading posts.

Another tip to keep in mind is when you go to start a new thread make sure your title has to do with your post. It makes it easier for folks to search for specific things.

Did you know? Fidgeting is actually good for you? It’s true – while sitting in front of the computer move your legs and/or tap your feet – it burns calories! (Also helps circulation!) So… you can actually say you are spending hours on the board as part of your workout.

Of course this by no means is a replacement for good old fashioned excercise but it’s good for while you are sitting in front of the computer or sitting in your favorite spot crocheting or even standing in line at the market.

Did you know? If you hover your mouse pointer over the title of a thread a little window thingy will pop up with small preview of the first post in the thread, that way you get an idea of what’s inside and if you wish to read further.